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themarn wrote: I just am confused by all the opinions out there and am getting overwhelmed. It’s just not as simple as cutting out the carbs and sugars as I initially thought. Here’s the information I have found about probiotics not being helpful; I have no idea how reputable the sources are, but either way, it has left me feeling stressed about what to do.

The first link is Bee Wilder’s website; a lot of people have problems with Bee’s knowledge and protocol. For one, she claims that lactose is merely changed into another form of sugar during fermentation, but what actually happens is, during fermentation, the lactose will form lactic acid; this is not a sugar, but rather an acid which is most beneficial to a Candida treatment. Bee also sells products (and will ask for donations), which means she’s biased as far as product choices.

As you saw, the second link is basically one long advertisement for useless ThreeLac products. I wouldn’t pay you a dime for all the information on the website.

The third link is also one long advertisement for various products such as colon cleansers and Candex which means I can’t put any faith in the information. (they’ll take VISA, MasterCard, Discover, among other payment methods).

The bottom line is, people are curing their Candida with quality probiotics.