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I agree with your statements able; I feel that it is best to take a variety of probiotics while healing from the candida to get the best variety of strains. For instance, do a month of renew life, a month of HMF neuro, a month of megaflora, etc.

We could spend a lot of time debating the effectiveness of certain probiotics, I don’t think we should waste any time on arguing which one is best. The megaflora brand is good and effective, deciding which one is most effective is like shopping for a car; each car has its own pluses and minuses (or no minuses).

I haven’t seen more than 2-3 other forum members try out HMF neuro and I am eager for someone else to try it out to see if they notice a difference or not; that is the main reason I am suggesting/promoting it. It won’t be available almost anywhere, so ordering online is pretty much the only option and shipping it with refrigeration is expensive.

As far as how they harvest the HMF, this is going to to gross everyone out. But they somehow get the HMF from women’s vagina’s and put it into the probiotic. How does this work? I have no idea! And who would be willing to do this? I can’t answer this as well. It isn’t delayed release either and I don’t know if this matters or not.

What I mean by more effective is that I feel maybe 1.5 times better on the HMF neuro when compared to megaflora or renew life (taking 3 capsules per day of each one). I tried out megaflora during January and switched back to HMF and I just feel really good in general. I haven’t changed anything else in my diet or lifestyle. This is just me and it may not be the same for anyone else, I just want someone else to try it out.