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Jo*Jo wrote:
Regarding the kefir, can this be either milk or water kefir?

Also, I want to do this diet to the best of my ability (I will be starting Tuesday 17th April) but do i have to buy such expensive probiotic tablets? I really cant afford this. Is there any alternative?

Hi Jo Jo,

You can do either milk or water kefir, but IMO milk kefir gives you more nutrients (potassium, protein, calcium…) where water kefir just offers probiotics. Water kefir is less expensive as you don’t have to purchase milk. On the other hand, if milk was part of your budget anyway, everything stays the same, you just make kefir out of that milk now.

If you can’t afford expensive probiotics, get something to get you started and do kefir which is fairly inexpensive. Later if you can, just ramp it up. Also, what you can do is eat as many prebiotic foods as you can as this will feed probiotics and, like in the real life, if you are a good host they will stay 🙂

Don’t stress to much over it, I know how it is as I am on a very fixed budget, plus living in a country where most of the stuff is not available, but stress is not good for your treatment so just make up a plan with what you can do and just don’t worry about what you can’t do.

I believe that we can still recover even if we don’t do everything there is to do as long as we cut off candida’s food supply and restore the good bacteria and feed it well. The healing process might just take longer doing it this way but once you start feeling better and get used to eating this diet just enjoy the rest of the journey towards better days. I am on third month and at the beginning I was going from few great days to few very bad days but now it all stabilized a bit. I am slowly progressing and slowly feeling better. I’m not 100% yet, far from it, and I still have off days, but never so bad as before. I calmed down a bit and now just waiting patiently to be completely healed and 100% symptom free, relaxed and enjoying the ride 🙂