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Freakzilla wrote: I have sibo to and probiotics never ever seemed to Help me and now I know why because there is an overgrowth already. also know its an overgrowth of c.diff in my small intestine but nothing seems to work to get rid of it and because of this I have colitis. I’m trying to find a doc near Philadelphia that does the fecal bacterial transplant/enema. I do beleive sibo and yeast/candida mimic symptoms greatly and one may contribute to the other.cant seem to get any relief. I also have some skin issue, malabsorption issues, and this directly is the small intestine.

GI issues are the worst! It just isn’t right:(. Completely changed my life!

Please check out Elaine Gottschall a woman who healed her child and herself from a very strong case of inflamations in the intestines. She became a scientist and studied nutrition and biochemical reactions. Here on her website you can read her lifestory and get a start with her specific diet helping people with SIBO and inflammations.

What is different between the diet here and hers is that even both adress the fact that sugars are feeding bacteria and yeast. She makes a difference between the carbohydrates. In her resurge she found that polysaccharides,disaccarides are to be avoided but that monosaccarides are ok and needed. Lets take for example the banana. Its not on the food allowed list here even if its a great source of potasium. On her diet its not allowed either when there are no dark spots on the banana as the banana in that state consist of harmfull sugars. After the banana gets old and gets dark spot the sugars in the banana change to a monosccarides and is not harmfull and cant be digested from bacteria or yeast. So you can eat a banana and get the nice potasium out.

If you suffer from SIBO you definitly should try to avoid food with fibre content. Be low on that one and see that you will feel much better already after 3 days.

There is a lot of evidence now that fecal transplants are healing inflammation in the intestines and is healing crohns and colitis suffers to 93 percent. I just read it yesterday in a sciencepaper here in Sweden. In Finland they have started with it on 300 patients with great success. Djorge was right with it!.

all the best