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Freakzilla wrote: I have sibo to…..I do beleive sibo and yeast/candida mimic symptoms greatly and one may contribute to the other.cant seem to get any relief.


Several years ago after various specialists couldn’t figure out what was wrong, I was sent to Dr. Mark Pimental at Cedars Sinai. He ran a HBT which confused them since they weren’t seeing what they were used to seeing in the HBT results. Yet, I was diagnosed with SIBO and due to my issues being in the lower right quadrant was put on a protocol of an elemental diet for 14 days (even more extreme than a candida protocol, believe it or not). They used a product called Vivionex (make sure to buy the flavor packets) which is predigested, is apparently mostly absorbed in the upper small intestine and thus, starves the bacteria in the lower small intestine. I felt somewhat “better” during treatment but, once going back on normal foods things still weren’t right.

I have since learned the other SIBO protocol treatment is using abx’s – not sure which abx but, in theory being the abx kill off the bad bacteria (as well as good). Assume decision on which treatment to use based on whether a patient complains of upper or lower small intestinal discomfort.

It seems logical if either treatment is used, probiotics would be encouraged after treatment yet, I was never directed of such. Go figure…..