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Pina wrote: I cannot find any scientific backing that dead candida is causing constipation by probiotic.

Pina, first there’s simply no way that 50 billion flora-building beneficial bacteria wasn’t killing Candida in your system, even if some of the bacteria were destroyed in the shipment, otherwise, why would it cause constipation as it would be rendered impotent? Are you saying that the dead bacteria caused your constipation?

In one post you wrote, “… this doesn’t seem to make sense, one guess is that lack of refrigeration killed the potency of this probiotic in the mail.” But in the other post you seemed to dismiss this possibility completely when you wrote, “That product WAS the cause of my problem.” I’m just wondering what happened to the first theory.

Going with the theory that the probiotic, which was supposed to be refrigerated, was spoiled during shipment makes much more sense than claiming that the specific brand caused your problem. Have you odered another brand that you can compare it with? Making just as much sense as anything is the theory that the probiotic was killing Candida causing the die-off symptom of constipation.

The symptoms of Herxheimer reaction or die-off literally come from ‘dead Candida” which release toxins causing the various symptoms.

Symptoms of die-off (or dying Candida):

And written by a former Candida patient; “During the Candida die-off period people will usually become constipated.”

Die-off symptoms are an indication that C. albicans are dying in very large numbers, which in turn causes more toxins to be released than the body can handle. This often results in the body’s eliminatory pathways becoming blocked by the toxins which cannot escape the body fast enough, this includes the liver.
Logically, the body responds to the accumulation of toxins with various symptoms, and when the eliminatory pathways are blocked or even partially blocked, constipation can definitely be the result.

Of course this isn’t the case with everyone, as you stated, we’re all different.