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To answer your questions:

1. Yes they can be taken together. I take probiotics and antifungals together and still have managed to get better. It is best to take them at seperate times but it works both ways. Antifungals kill both good and bad bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Do not worry about wasting money because you need both of them.

You should notice improved BM’s after taking antifungals as well.

2. Me and able feel that hydrotherapy is detrimental to the healing process because it destroys some of the beneficial bacteria in the gut. You can clear out the colon via other natural methods such as improving digestion, chewing your food more, increasing trace minerals, and more.

3. You will notice that candida is adapting to the antifungals when you experience little or no die-off after taking a dose of antifungals. You will also notice that you are not improving or healing as quickly as before when it adapts. We suggest that you rotate between 3-4 or more kinds of antifungals throughout your treatment so candida cannot adapt to them easily. It is not recommended that you take more varieties than this because you do not want candida to gain immunity to everything.–Why-we-SHOULDNT-do-it.aspx

You should quit coffee if possible because not only does it drain your adrenals or your long term energy needed to heal, but it also damages your kidney and liver which are needed to detox the body from toxins. You are adding an additional tax on the body so it won’t heal as well as possible. Chamomile tea is a great alternative because it is antifungal, gives you energy if you steep it longer than 8 mins (I drink 2 cups), and aids digestion.

4. It’s fine but it might not be as cheap as taking it from a container.

5. Juicing helps heal your gut because it gives your gut a break from digestion. I would only be concerned about sugar content and would avoid things like carrots and fruit in high quantities.

6. Yes you can. I’ve taken antifungals for over a year now and it has had no drawback for me. You should not take caprylic acid for more than 6-8 weeks at a time per Dr. Mcoomb’s because candida will adapt to it. It cannot adapt to natural antifungals such as garlic, coconut oil, etc. very easily.

I highly recommend trying out SF722 undeceonoic acid when you get a chance, it is a great long term antifungal and is a cornerstone of my and anyone’s treatment.