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Love it love it love it. Look at all this positive talk going on in here. I need to get in on this. lol

Thanks for posting your experience able. I dont think Ive read about your experience since I ve joined the forum. I definitely believe that we can all be symptom free if we stick to the protocol. I ve seen great improvement in a fairly short period of time with some mistakes but I am feeling great. Its good to hear about the sex drive thing because mine is pretty low and Im happy that it will turn back up in a while. Thankfully it isnt completely gone though. 🙂

its also interesting that you are able to eat foods like sour cream. I hope I can eat cheese one day.Anyways thanks for posting able.

In terms of the yogurt. I dont think they may be suitable for everyone. Heres a popular one that says it is not good for people with lactose intolerance

Im sure that this affects everyone differently. I know Im better off without it.