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Able, Thanks so much for your help about my regimen on my last post (05/7/12)… it was really helpful and I have eliminated everything. One of the things you suggested In your reply was eliminating the organinc butter due to the lactose.

So now I have a concern about the sugar content in the greek yogurt. A cup of butter would have something like 0.14 grams of sugar, according to nutrition facts my bf was looking at on the web, which you explained would be in the form of lactose. One cup of the greek yogurt (stonyfield farms oikos plain fat free) contains 6 grams of sugar. (I see fage has even less so I can check that one out if I can find it locally…but…) Is this sugar, lactose also? I use 1/2 cup of greek yogurt per loaf of bread I make – my favorite is buckwheat/coconut.

I’m having a hard time getting my head around how the small amount of sugar/lactose in butter will feed the candida and that there is more than 9 times that amount of sugar is in a cup of the yogurt I’m using. Should I be concerned about using the yogurt in my breads?

Above, you posted…
The lactose sugar disappears as the yogurt is fermented, IF it’s fermented correctly meaning for the correct length of time and at the right temperature. Any brand can contain a bad batch, but the batches are supposed to be tested before packaged and sold. Still, no guarantees if it’s commercially made.

But I’m not sure what that really means in terms of the sugar content listed on the label of the yogurt and whether I’m consuming that sugar and if it’s feeding my candida, or if I am just really sensitive to it?

I’ve seen some yogurt makers, if I can’t find a commercial brand with much lower sugar, maybe I should purchase one and make my own?

But just getting a better understanding of the yogurt/butter sugar/lactose content would be helpful too. If you can help that would be great….Thanks!