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orka1998 wrote: Hi Able. Your post sounds great.
Do you mind sharing how long did you suffer from candida and what were your candida symptoms? I think I’ve asked this before but you probably missed the post. Most of us shared our stories on the forum so I am curious about yours as you are the only one who is cured and still here.

Hi, Arijana, how’s everything going? Sorry this took so long to answer, it’s been in the back of my mind but I kept forgetting to look for it when I was on the forum.

As far as the time period of the infestation is concerned, I honestly don’t know when I experienced the very last Candida symptom. As you’ll see one day, you suddenly realize that the symptoms are no longer several days apart, but rather that you can’t remember the last symptom and when it took place. It’s not like one day something or someone tells you the infestation is over because the end of all the problems comes on so gradually that you don’t realize it at the time that they’ve completely stopped. Also, I don’t know the exact date or even week that it actually started as a Candida overgrowth; so I’m really guessing, but all toll, probably somewhere between 16 to 18 months.

Before I started the treatment, the Candida symptoms had slowly developed into the following:

Headaches and unbelievable migraines; these were new to me and were occurring long before I started the treatment and created die-off symptoms; all headaches have completely stopped now.

Chronic muscle and joint pains; these were to the point that I couldn’t sleep without a pain pill and a sleep aid. I haven’t had a pain pill now since I can’t remember when, and I no longer take sleeping pills.

My skin literally peeled layer after layer of skin on my chest and stomach with only minor itching. For this I occasionally used jojoba oil since it was never severe enough to try Calamine lotion, and later on I used coconut oil as well. I just wanted to keep something on it in an attempt to prevent the constant peeling, but nothing really worked.

Extreme mood swings and irritability

Powerful food cravings that I’d never experienced before.

Very low sex drive

Fungal rashes (only occasionally & not to the extreme)

Chronic fatigue

Anxiety, depression, and a few mild panic attacks

Almost constant nausea and dizziness

A few ear infections which I hadn’t experienced since being a child.

All of these were experienced before I started the treatment and continued for some time until I ‘got it right’ so to speak. Keep in mind also; all of these did not occur during the same period of time but on more of a mixed, on-again-off-again schedule.

Do you want to know how I knew for absolute certainity that the infestation was completely cured? It was when I realized that the low sex drive didn’t exist any longer. I don’t think we’re sure in the beginning whether it’s really over or not, but once your sex drive is back to the way it was before, there’s no doubt of how the infestation was affecting you and to what degree it had control of your body.

I hope all of this inspires some of you to stick to the protocol regardless of how hard it seems at times.
Their really is an end to the symptoms, all of the symptoms.