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kjones02;37395 wrote: I can’t tell if it has lactoacidophilus dds-1 or not. It does look like it has 30 billion in there, 2 billion of each species. Any others can chime in as well. I remember my integrative doctor did originally prescribe a probiotic with lactoferrin, but I wasn’t sure about it, and it only has 1 billion I think.

Here is the probiotic:

The one you linked to, Symbiotics, doesn’t contain the strain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 or Apo-lactoferrin either one. You don’t have to purchase a probiotic that contains Apo-lacoferrin, you can purchase this separately.

The other problem with it is that it’s not a whole-food source of probiotic which would enable it to feed the benficial bacteria, instead it just contains rice starch. Don’t take it.

MegaFlora contains the DDS-1 strain, plus it’s a whole-food source.
Truth be told, you can look at the price and see it isn’t a quality probiotic. This is one area where price does make a difference whether we
like it or not.