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Thank you raster! I think I might try out this probiotic first because I remember you said the other probiotic I was taking was only 6. Of course, things are still worked up at times for me. I am trying hard!

One other questions, it is about digestive enzymes. I feel like I might need one for my stomach still even though I have my gastric pacemaker now, but for gastroparesis. My integrative doctor did prescribe one for me. Of course, I decided to add in some hcl acid in there now, too the past couple days. I know Able doesn’t recommend it.

I’m actually afraid to take the bitters because I saw some of the ingredients might cause me extra gas and run into a diarrhea mode due to no colon; get very sensitive to things; I actually have to watch my dosages on things (my reason for the extra gas, surgeries that led me here)!! I have read your posts, and seems your doctor trusts the integrative therapeutics line, too. That is what my doctor seems to like.

Okay, sorry for rambling, do you think pro-gest would be okay? I see you have taken it! I looked at the ingredients, but then I saw it contained papain, too. Should I be worried about the fruit extract, papain? I just want something to help me digest comfortably, but keep my small intestine calm, too; especially after lunch each day.

This is the one my doctor prescribed: