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I agree and this is the conclusion I came to in my case: there must be another underlying problem especially if the gut imbalance situation keeps returning. Just repopulating the gut with the good bacterias isn’t going to solve that underlying cause as it is most likely outside the gut. Though it can possibly offer some relief to the inflammed gut. Sometimes this is needed too: to remedy the symptoms when they cause too much suffering. But I certainly don’t think they alone can be the cure. I’ve come to consider lowered metabolism as the most likely cause for my problems. I know I need to get my metabolism in gear and this is what I am trying to do now.

The hypothyroidism treatment was working fine until I started with all these low carb, restricted diets. Despite being on the same dose of thyroid supplementaion I messed up things for myself by undereating and overexercising this spring. I can see the correlation between my temperatures and what and how much I eat, as well as how much I push myself to exercise. That’s why I think there is more to my lowered metabolism than some malfunctioning in the thyroid gland alone. In the bigger picture I wasn’t giving my body what it needed to function. The positive side of this is that I can hopefully do something to correct the situation myself. A lot of my “pregnant”-bloating and gas problems (that made me suspect SIBO) have lessened after I increased my carb consumption and got my temps up, which is promising.

Yes, I also read something about some strains of probiotics possibly aggravating the situation in case of SIBO. At least my experience was that my extreme bloating started with them, and then lessened once I stopped taking them. Actually I seem to be better off without them.