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taurusamorous wrote: Ok good, that is what I got. I’m on day 4 and I’m itching (literally)to start the probiotic. When can I begin treatment?

Remind me again of how long you’ve been on the diet. If it’s been two full weeks, and you’ve not cheated at all by eating a food that fed the Candida, it should be alright to start the probiotic. But whatever you do, don’t start it unless you have both Molybdenum and Candidate by Native Remedies and have been using both of these for two to three days. Starting with that amount of probiotic, you will most likely trigger die-off symptoms, and you will need those two products to help ease the strain on your body from the die-off.

Don’t dismiss the die-off symptoms as they are dangerous and the toxins created can damage your body, especially the liver.