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Thanks S. I am now doing boric acid, but all of these home treatments are just making my problem worse. I went from clue cells and lots of bacteria with normal PH to all those problems with elevated PH. Nothing has worked– H202 douches, expensive vaginal and oral probiotics, folic acid, tea tree oil suppositories, and now boric acid. I’m pretty sure I can say home remedies aren’t going to do the trick.

He prescribed me either a 7 day course (2 pills a day) of Flagyl or a 5 day coruse of Metrogel (vaginal antibiotic). which is worse for candida? I really don’t have a choice here guys — I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to treat this naturally and it ain’t working!

I was planning to take diflucan with it and up my probiotics and kefir intake. What do you think? What will be worse and anything else I can do to prevent a problem when I have vaginal yeast problems??