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When my plantar fasciitis is acting up, I drink a lot of turmeric tea (if you don’t have access to the fresh root, you can just add hot water to powdered turmeric…it’s better with lemon, if you have it). Turmeric is a pretty powerful anti-inflammatory, and it really helps a lot. You know to ice, rest, elevate, which is good. You can also do self-massage: both along the length of your arch (with the fibers to stretch them out) and laterally across the arch and heel (perpendicular to the fibers to break down some of the scar tissue). You’ll want to use a good amount of pressure, but don’t hurt yourself. Coconut oil (which you already have, I’m sure) is a great lubricant for massage and it’s beneficial for your skin anyway. If you’re really inflamed, it’s a good idea to ice again after you massage. Spend some time stretching your calves, too, since tight/shortened calf muscles make plantar fasciitis worse.

It might be wise to investigate any dietary connections to worsening symptoms. When I quit eating gluten a few years ago, my plantar fasciitis got waaay better. It got worse right after I started the candida diet/protocol, but probably because I was flooded with toxins and inflammation for a while. I still have problems with it, but it’s a lot better than it used to be.