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jereseib79;45559 wrote: I would stay as far away from prednisone as you can. Im convinced that heavy doses of prednisone to treat my allergies are part of the reason I got candida in the first place. Basically it acts as an anti-inflamatory in your body by shutting off your immune system. The stuff is bad news, I felt like I had no soul while I was on it.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure about it, that is why I asked because I have never taken prednisone. Yes, I do agree, my prior abuse of ibuprofen and being pumped full of antibiotics got me here as well though. I am mad that I did take a couple ibuprofen a couple days this past week, but right now, I am just bearing thru the pain. Might pick up some turmeric today to see if that helps, etc. I have had plantar fascitis once before a couple years ago, which I know I got from running, plus I have flat feet. This time, I don’t know what I did!