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Since the probiotics that I introduce arn’t my body’s “own” friendly bacteria, do you think they are just masking the problem and will expel from my body after a while?

This is the reason that HMF Neuro Probiotics by Genestra are on the protocol. These are Human Micro Flora (HMF) which refers to the fact that they are human-derived strains which are capable of colonizing in the human intestines. The other two mentioned on the probiotic protocol are used for curing the infestation quicker than otherwise because they contain the DDS-1 form of probiotic which is important in the treatment against Candida albicans. The probiotic post explains the use of probiotics in the treatment.

So do you think staying strict candida diet and using prebiotics to feed your already existing probiotics in your body would be better? I know it would take a while but it seems like this would be the best long term cure

Of course you can use only prebiotics if you wish, but I’m certain that this would cause a longer duration of the treatment before reaching a cure. By taking both probiotics and prebiotics, you are bound to reach a cure much quicker. You could also start and end with only the HMF, Human Micro Flora if you prefer.