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You have the wrong idea about how to treat this illness. This simply isn’t something you can get over quickly and taking more antifungals is not going to cure your infestation. Taking antifungals without a detox plan is dangerous and I do not recommend doing it. If you continue to take antifungals without a detox plan, you could damage your liver and kidneys which will have to be healed seperately at a later time.

In order to feel better in the short term, you should plan on detoxing via your liver or skin:–will-edit-more-in-time.aspx

You have the wrong mindset that antifungals will cure your infestation and you should really be looking at probiotics as the cure to your infestation. What you need to do to get better is change the composition of your beneficial gut flora in order to to defeat the yeast, and this take a lot of time with specific foods and supplements.

One other thing I would look is trying SF722 which is a different type of antifungal (fatty acid). Fatty acids slowly erode the yeast walls and cause the yeast to change forms to the non-pathogenic version of the yeast that isn’t harmful.

I would reduce antifungals and try to stick with 3 at a time plus sf722. Then slowly reduce to one at a time after a month or two of that.

But you really need to look at probiotics as an alternative.