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Buffalojackson91;55986 wrote: Sorry to hear about your past illnesses, I had pneumonia a few years ago so can relate. I cut alcohol out with my diet, except when I did have a couple of beers a couple of weeks ago I must admit I didn’t feel great the next day. Nothing out of the ordinary, just average colds etc. I had candida last year in July, and also picked up tonsillitis at the same time but they both disappeared within a month so I’m not sure why it’s been so difficult to shake this time around. No steroids or antibiotics, I eat well and haven’t been ill since last July. I really appreciate your time, sorry if my next reply is a bit delayed it’s 1:30am here so will probably nod off in a minute.

LOL go to bed and read this in the morning 🙂

Sounds to me like you have immunity issues.
Not uncommon, and finding out why usually handles candida AND colds/flu-tonsilitis/ect

My son used to get tonsilitis 5-6 times a year. It was horrible.
Turns out it was candida :/
Docs never treated it.

Once we addressed his immune system, it didnt come back.

Maybe if you dig a bit deeper you will see a pattern emerge that will put you on a path to fixing this for good 🙂

For example, we could find out that you have glandular issues, a vitamin deficiency, or adrenal burn out.

Fixing any one of these could result in your own immune system handling your candida.