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Vegan Catlady
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Buffalojackson91;56016 wrote: In terms of detox I haven’t been doing much, I’ve just been taking milk thistle to help my liver.

Vegan Catlady, I should have mentioned I had my thyroid checked and it was under-performing so maybe it could be attributed to that? Something for me to look into I suppose.

Underactive thyroid comes with candida infection, my research shows.

Your not asking for my advice, so take this with a grain of salt (I dont want to be annoying)

Consider doing some herbal ticntures for the kidneys/lymph. You can do teas as well or instead-of.
The lymph is our sewage-system, and if its congested, nothing works right.

My naturopath says that adrenal-burnout can cause dysfunction in all other glands,including thyroid.

There are herbs and teas that can help you support your adrenals,kidneys,and lymph…and none of these things are expensive at all! (if they were, I couldnt do them)

Doing this for a few weeks will get your lymph moving,your kidneys filtering, and hopefully build-up your adrenals. This will kick your thyroid into gear and hopefully your body will begin clearing the candida out the way everyone else’s does.

I am taking one tincture for adrenals, and one for my endocrine glands.
Im liking the results so far, and its only been a few weeks.

Deep detox is preferable, but even I dont have the lifestyle that will allow for that kind of commitment….ideally I would be doing lemon-water and berry fasts (extremely cleansing!) and exercising more than say,nothing lol. Damn I should be exercising.

Anyway, there are lots of great vids on candida on youtube by reputable people…but you have to wade through BS to find them. They inspired different perspectives in me, so that I dont give up.