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Vegan Catlady
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Buffalojackson91;55984 wrote: Thanks, I appreciate your quick reply. If my diet and taking probiotics/antifungals is pointless, how does one approach beating candida? The only cause of candida I can think of is drinking beer regularly as I work at a craft beer store. I don’t take antibiotics and I’m not big on sugary/junk food.

First off I just want to say ITS NOT CRAFT BEER!
I worked in a taphouse for years, and never had an overgrowth issue.
DARE I SAY the beer yeast was helpful! gasp!

Seriously, my diet at the taphouse was cheese,meat,and crackers.
It lowered my immunity one year and I had walking pneumonia for months before they finally put me on cipro….now *that* was my downfall.

Doing the diet isnt pointless, as it slows the growth of the yeast.

Doing antifungals isnt pointless, because it lowers the numbers of yeast.

The problem is that if you dont know why the over-growth occurred, you may inadvertently be working against your own efforts. Its so frustrating.

So many people take a proven pharmaceutical antifungal that wipes out the candida, only to have it come right back. Some people do this diet for years, only to be controlling it, but not getting rid of the overgrowth.

Sometimes its an immune-system issue. Our immune system should be kicking this out.

Have you taken any meds lately like antibiotics or steroids?
Anything out of the ordinary in the last few years?