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survivor619 wrote: I have allergies to pollen and house dust but I get allergy desensitization needles monthly. plus, I take lots of antihistamines. in spite of this, i still get really severe post nasal drip. i don’t get other typical environmental symptoms like runny nose, skin itch, sneezing etc. I have Candida pretty severe for six years (without knowing it until after 5 years). also, my mouth and throat are aways dry inspite of drinking lots of water. these factors make me wonder if there is a connection between Candida and post-nasal drip? I was thinking, since there is a connection between food allergies and candida, maybe there is a connection between nasal allergies and candida too? any thoughts…..

You are on point….YES!

Some Dr’s think most sinus infections are actually yeast infections, not bacterial. This makes sense since Candida is everywhere, including in the air we breathe.

In my case, chronic sinus infections led to several months of cycle after cycle of abxs leading up to when my GI swelled up and sent me on this journey trying to unravel a digestive disorder. Go figure, 9 years later, only discovering candida last summer and I’m still dealing with chronic sinusitis. Some say, as you proceed through candida treatment, the sinus issues should go away. Yet, have yet to hear from someone who has successfully treated candida sinus issues.

The theory I’m working with presently is the PND of a candida sinus overgrowth is constantly dumping mucous laden with candida into the upper GI with every swallow. One reason I suspect this in may case is I can see the discharge and sputum being white upon expelling it. There is some relief with daily saline nasal cleansing and recently, I have been experimenting with a colloidal Silver nasal spray. The concern with the silver is you aren’t suppose to use it more than 4 sprays per day which means only two sprays per nostril and, for no more than 10 days. After about a week, what would come out my nose as white and rounded started coming out yellow and stringy. Not sure what it meant but, it was significant enough to observe.

Also, years before my digestive disorder raged into my life I had constant PND soar throats which eventually turned into “strep” throat. There was a period of about 6 months of monthly redcurrant strep throat with huge white stone in my tonsils. Eventually, they removed my tonsils saying “strep” was living in cavities within the tonsils and when it seeped out it caused the strep throat infections. The abx would nail the infections but, never touch the stored strep in the tonsil cavities. Sounds logical and I can’t say I’ve had strep throat since BUT…and this is a HUGE baby got back BUTT, now that I look over pics online of oral thrush, the tonsil stones look identical to what I was experiencing a decade ago…..go figure……

I’d also say you are pointed down a productive path thinking allergies could be associated with candida. This seems to be the case. Mainly from leaky gut causing immune reactions (histamine) once the candida bores through the intestinal pores enlarging them which allows large molecule food particles into the blood stream which the body considers invaders and mounts an immune response. No wonder the immune system becomes overburdened at that point. Everything you eat/drink sends a 911 warning to the immune system to mount a response to invaders. Allergic reactions may not be real allergies per say but, simply this immune response to leaky gut syndrome.

Allergy testing may give false negatives, perhaps. I say this as one mis-dx along my LONG journey was a Dr. who thought I might have intestinal TB and came to this dx through a TB skin test. Not too long ago, I discovered mycosis (mycotoxins in the blood stream/myco=fungus) gives false positives to a TB skin test. Go figure.

I may not be closer to an actual solution/healing but, at least some things along my journey which seemed very odd are starting to make some sense as to what happened along the way.

I suspect anyone dealing with sinus issues/leaky gut are probably also dealing with adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid issues as well. As the immune system is constantly battling everything we eat due to leaky gut eventually the adrenals/thyroid which regulate so many body systems including the immune response and metabolism eventually wear themselves out. A which came first scenario with lots of tail chasing but, the more I seek the more convinced I am candida is not a stand alone illness and, the more I think adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid is a major piece of the enigma to unravel.

I’m NO expert, only another sufferer whose had a LONG journey to get to this point and who got much worse treating just candida. I suspect my adrenals and/or thyroid were on the precipice and the stress from going too low carb causing ketosis just pushed them over the cliff. Although, there is much cross over between diet to treat all these conditions and might I point out, adrenal fatigue and to some extent hypothyroid is contained within this forums protocol. Albeit, sometimes very subtly but, Able and raster have built them into the protocol for a reason. It’s all intertwined and other advance members like dvjorge have posted several times about testing of adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid and how it’s all connected to canidida.

I think this is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle in at least my case and perhaps many other cases. Let’s say you stick to a candida protocol but, are forced to slug away for months and months stuggling all the while draining your adrenal/thyroids the whole time only making this more miserable? Versus, if the adreanls/thyroid are a concern which can be addressed with medication which would speed up metabolism, wouldn’t a diet protocol be much more effective and shorter in duration? You can starve yourself long before starving candida and if your metabolism is too sluggish to what effect is any diet going to help rather than treating the underlying endocrine issue rather than the symptom of candida overgrowth?

Another consideration is anemia. Low iron is common with candida apparently. My last test after months of taking ferroquel (a time released Iron supplement) my ferritin (iron) came in at 95 – on a scale of like 60 to 300…..that was AFTER months of supplements and was still on the lower side of the scale.

Not sure the difference between lactoferritin and ferritin/iron (perhaps the same?) but, dvjorge has also posted in this forum about the low lactoferritin and candida connection.

I feel like I’m piecing together a 10,000 piece puzzle where all the pieces are pure white……

Hope this helps and doesn’t confuse you too much but, it’s taken me many long daily hours for most of this year to dig and dig to understand these concepts. If my seeking can shorten the learning curve for another, I hope it does…..I don’t wish my journey on anyone, nor anyone have to spend so much time reaching out, googling, pm’s with others with similar symptoms, et al to piece the above together. It’s all intertwined, it just HAS to be.

Upon dvjorge’s thyroid testing and candida blood testing advice, today I was able to afford the $1,000 to get these checked and hope to report back positive findings behind my theory. Perhaps many people are all suffering needlessly, spending HUGE sums on supplements over months and months, where taking a blood test and getting some rx help would be cheaper in the long run while, shortening candida treatment to get in a better state of health. We shall see but, I’m convinced this is a key to helping me get to the starting gates again.


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