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dvjorge wrote:

I believe one should not be religious if one is searching for his personal health.
What works – works. I know there is a sensible concern about IBS and eating fruit and that fruits will not be digested causing trouble but then here again is Dr. David Klein who claims to have healed himself and tons to people with just that…fruits.

check him out:


What kind of fruits have you incorporated ???

Jorge I am not so picky and try some fruit and write down how I feel before and after. I learned that one can see a reaction in his pulse going up. So I started to measure my pulse, before, after, and then 30, 60 and 90 minutes after I have eaten.
I did this for 4 days now and figured that my lowest heart beat is att 45 and added the standard of 16 beats. So everything over 71 shows a reaction for me. Then I am trying out fruit and watch that. I started with Mango, blue berries, raspberries, black currants, banana, apple… I also make myself a almond milk and a smoothie only once a day. I didn’t notice a reaction and feel good.

But here again:

Be careful with me because I am experimenting. I check if I have only food allergies and not candida. Anyhow I believe it is important to figure out what works what doesn’t.

all the best