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A “low-carbohydrate diet” seems to always refer to an Atkins-style approach. Notice he mentioned ‘low fibre’ as well. Those diets are indeed stupid and unhealthy, but if you’re emphasising a variety of vegetables, as per this protocol, then you’re not missing out on any nutrients except a larger amount of carbs. In other words, you’re limiting one macronutrient.

I did notice when I was on an anti-inflammatory diet with lots of fruit my bowels were working like clockwork and I had a lot of energy. The sluggish state they’re in now certainly isn’t helping my progress. Fruit is also included in diets that have successfully treated serious bowel disorders like IBD and collitis, where it’s hard to imagine dysbiosis not playing a central role. A lot of fruits contain more fructose than glucose though, and in amounts that could rival candy bars in some cases. If I was to eat any, I’d probably stick to berries.