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Dave, we share a good chunk of remaining symtomology. Clearing up the candida infection for me left chronic fatigue/anxiety/brain fog/skin issues. I hate to say this, but I think for me, the candida was just a symptom, not the source problem. I’m now reading heavily at I don’t want to be a chronic fatigue sufferer, but the symptomology is there — exercise resistence, post exertional malaise, brain fog, and others.

I did realize that I had an infection of a root canaled tooth after googling my fatigue/brain fog symptoms and finding a number of stories of people who had the teeth removed and the infection ground out of the bone and recovered. I’m hoping this makes a big difference for me, if not the whole difference. I get the tooth extracted on Tuesday.

(For background, I had a root canal about 19 years ago. Some time ago — months? a year or two? — I noticed the tooth being sensitive to cold and heat again. It would flare and get better, flare and get better. I was busy with candida battle and then a skin cancer I had to have removed so I didn’t attend to it. The sensitivity also ranged back and forth among the surrounding teeth so I didn’t understand what was happening. A regular xray won’t show the infection most times but I asked my hygenist to double check and when she did a second tour of the tooth with that nasty pokey metal instrument, she did find a deep pocket, the only one in my mouth, and the dentist sent me to an endodontist for a CT scan, which did confirm extensive bone infection, and cost $450. You could skip that I think if you have sensitivity in a root canaled tooth and gum pockets around it. That’s pretty confirmational, I think.)

I feel like I’m constantly peeling layers of an onion and chronic fatigue is *not* a layer I wanted to get to. My doctor flat out told me he doesn’t try to treat it because it’s a black hole — the causes aren’t understood, no treatments are widely successful (though some are successful in a few people and some improve a larger number of people’s energy levels somewhat) and he feels its a waste of time or energy.

One promising avenue of research is methylation support. There are members of this board, who I’m not sure are posting anymore, who know a lot about this and are pursuing it for their own health. I’m actually too tired right now to go into great detail but you can find info at phoenix rising and you are welcomed to contact me there. They have forums and I think my name there is Sueami.

Good luck,