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raster;50855 wrote: Ya, I am supporting my adrenals already so I found these symptoms to be a little suprising…especially when I haven’t been doing anything strenous for a few months.


Hey, Raster!

Sorry, bro – completely ‘get’ where you are at with being cold. Literally, cold sucks the living life out of me just like that, almost like hypothermia – it’s about all I can do to turn up the heat, climb into bed and just try to stay warm. Yet, I still get massive night sweats at times which it doesn’t matter what the temp is, I’m freezing and literally have to get up out of bed to use a hair dryer just to dry my hair, as I wake up with it literally dripping sometimes wet from sweat: which I am embracing as a good sign of the body trying to rid toxins but, it could also be a huge negative sign of it needing to sweat itself out of toxins while I sleep – weird, eh? Typically, when I go a little over the line with something or another, usually some type of sugar – D’oh!

I don’t have any ideas on what the cause is, Doc ran adrenal tests last year and they all came back with no concern, at least from his point of view and I do respect him so, I let it go at that. My suspicion (nothing but, a personal opinion with no back up)is it’s the fungus, not the yeast overgrowth but, dunno.

Blessings. Hope you start feeling better soon – me, I’m still struggling but, making little progress here and there, still zigging when I should be zagging or zagging when I should be zigging…..yet, I’m still working at it that’s all I can do.

Keep in mind though, my case is more than unusually extreme due to 8 years of mis-dx after mis-dx, pushing more and more antibiotics at me when I was really sick. I was even put on TB meds for six months from a TOP GI specialist out of UCSF – he didn’t even take the time to take a candida blood test to verify the TB skin pop test wasn’t a false positive. Every one of us with mycotoxins roaming around systemically the TB skin pop test will come up with a “false” positive. Not knowing any better, I was a good patient doing everything asked of me and got much worse, now I know why. Shame but, that’s why my case is so extreme duration, antibiotic abuse combined with years of intense stress in the business world, etc.. I just flat out blessed and lucky to be alive and have an incontestable FIRM LAB DX to prove what a ringer the medical community put me through. I don’t care what anyone says: peace of mind in knowing has helped create a more healing environment internally.

So, keep that in mind…..