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tude58;50941 wrote:
My doctor I had several years ago when I learned more about thyroid specialized in this area. He relied on both temps and blood tests but said the temps were more reliable. Mine run low also and the temp method was the first thyroid testing ever available. Doctors are still up in arms about what is “normal” when it comes to reading the labs (btw they are read reversed compared to other lab results: high equals low and vice versa) and none can agree on what is normal for everyone. I go to doctors that allow me to adjust my own armour. The levathroid and synthroid almost did my heart in. Everyone is so unique.
I hate Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what my naturopath said too about the testing. He doesn’t even recommend doing it and thinks its a big waste of time.

After 3 days on the thyroid supplements, I have cured my night time urination problems, my temperature problems, my puffy hands have gone away, my depression has improved, my libido is better, etc. Simply amazing. IMHO I don’t think there is any western medicine that “heals” your thyroid, they only treat the symptoms and give you iodine.