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Not a problem but you can always check my candida log weekly update, My diet has been the same basically since the beginning and I will remain that way for another 3 months. This is my 12 th week.

I eat no more than 1 cup of buckwheat and oatbran a day on separate days. This works for me because I dont eat too much chicken and I do not think I can tolerate eggs so I need something to compensate. This may not work for everyone
Cooked veggies:
Brussel Sprouts
Turnip greens
Mustard greens
Green beans
Green cabbage
I mix 2 large veggies with some leafy greens.(ex. Broccoli with cauliflower and kale, spinach, mustard greens turnip greens.) This makes it easier for me to digest as opposed to eating broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and eggplant. I cook them lightly all with evoo and basil, himalyan salt, and pepper. Cooking them works for me because I find them easier to digest. I get my raw nutrients from juicing. There have been days where I juice twice maybe 3 times.

3 avocados a day/ 4 days a week not everyday.
I juice Cucumber(1 large), Celery(5-6 stalks) , Lemon(1), Ginger(1 medium size) every morning, I usually fill the cup up between 15-20 ounces. This is an awesome drink for digestion.
Milk Kefir which I started last week (store bought from trader joes, organic). I am waiting on my order of milk kefir grains to make my own.
I do not eat yogurt at all. Even though it has probiotics, I feel that because it still has some lactose it may not be suitable for me because my allergy doc said I am slightly sensitive to lactose.
In the beginning I used to eat animal protein everyday except for red meat. I used to eat wild salmon, chicken, turkey, sardines but that is because I needed to remove it slowly and now I eat chicken 2 days a week and sardines a another day or 2 depending on how I feel. I do notice that the days I eat animal protein I have more gas then others. I do not recommend that everyone eat meat everyday, this is what I had to do to make sure I did not fall of the wagon early on. I had to accept the fact that meat was just hurting me and I can definitely see it.

I have used stevia and cinnamon powder to sweeten up the buckwheat and oatbran.

The supplements I am taking now are:
Coconut oil
Grapefruit seed extract or Oil of oregano
SF 722
Swedish bitters
probiotic 14 strains 80 billion. (I have taken stronger doses but I am on a budget right now)
Vitamin D3(i cant afford anymore vitamins right now)

I used to take:
raw garlic
garlic capsules
black walnut
Bentonite Clay (2 weeks)
Zypan (if I felt I needed it for gas but I no longer feel like I need it, my answer for gas has been antifungals or someother way of having bowel movements. More bowel movements less gas, less bowel movements more gas.)

If I remember anything else I’ll post it but I think that is it. This is what I have been eating for about 3 months and I enjoy all of it. I will be eating this only for another 3 months to improve my progress and another 3 months if I have to. These are all great foods that I have come to enjoy and are easy for me to digest. I would prefer to cut out all chicken and maybe fish and just eat eggs. I cant do this cuz I feel eggs give me a reaction, not really too sure but doing the best that I can do with what is available to me.