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I,ve been seeing better recovery rates from everything and a drastically reduced severity and duration, as well as not catching as many bugs. This would have been unheard of previously as I have CFS/ Cfids.

My burning pain [neuropathic?] has reduced drastically and the die-off i’ve been getting is something i was dealing with before anyway. I find my mood swings are still a bit of an issue and sometimes i get extreme reactions if i overdo probiotics and/or antifungals but this is all to be expected with cfs so again not an issue.

Today i started testing buckwheat which opens my diet up to amisa crackers for snacking, roasted buckwheat as a couscous/rice substitute, pure buckwheat noodles, raw buckwheat for porridge and cereal puffs.

If it works out it will add a huge variety to my diet so very happy.