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many sparrows
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I controlled candida for many years with a diet like yours, which is extremely healthy for most people who don’t have candida. However I have come to the conclusion that the only way to really reduce the levels of candida to where its at a healthy balance in your body is to follow a MUCH stricter diet for a while, and many people on this forum are following such a diet. You are taking quite a lot of anti-fungals (oregano and caprylic acid are great), but on the other hand you are FEEDING the candida infestation with foods like tomatoes,carrots, rye, brown rice, lentils,which still contain sugar/starch. So these foods would counteract the benefits of the anti-fungals.
I don’t know what effect beta-blockers (and any other medication) would have on candida, or whether the sticter diet would be advisable for you as you are using these medications.