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MadEmx, I have the exact same problem! But I feel mine goes a little beyond vanity, in that the bloating, gas, and distention are painful after dinner! It makes me want to not eat anything. I’m struggling too to figure out what could be causing it. I’m thinking i’m going to eliminate all flours from the diet and see if that helps. Before i started any flours, I would wake up with a fairly flat stomach, but was full and bloated after dinner. Now, I’m bloated and distended and uncomfortable all day. I’m just afraid i’m going to lose more weight if I eliminate flours.

Able, I have had my gallbladder removed, and from what I’ve read on posts, I should avoid bitters. I’ve been taking digestive enzymes before eating, and focusing on mainly anit-inflammatory foods. How do you suggest we keep our bowels moving so that we have 2-3 movements a day? I currently only have 1, sometimes 2. I take at least one scoop of Fiber Smart by Renew Life a day.

MY digestive enzymes include the following ingredients (in 2 tablets. I sometimes take 3):
Betaine HCL 330mg
Pepsin 1:15,000 130mg
Bromelain 10:1 260mg
Papain NF 260mg
Ox bile extract 260mg
Pancreatin USP 4X 500mg
Fennel Seeds, Peppermint leaf powder.