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I am not an expert but just a thought that the reaction to oil might actually be a die off symptom. you can also try some Yoga in conjunction with your diat and medication? AMong the ones i have seen, this one here is authentic.

The actual postures start after 10 minutes into the video

Again the rule is.. Listen to your body. Only perform within limits. and if any posture proves counter productive, stop.

Hope you get well soon

God Bless All!

Thanks for your kind advice, subtlesoul. I will give the yoga a try. actually I just feel my body flooded with toxin now. Trying Colostrum and L-Glutamine.

What is ultra virus?

Anyway, if this really is a virus, then you must urgently find a different doctor. Antibiotics do not work against viruses, period.

What you wrote about three years ago, that you thought it was stomach or colon and you tried antibiotics – how is that possible? Aren’t antibiotics prescription-only where you live, as they should be?

well, I don’t really understand ultra-virus concept. I infected by a classmate. then got really high fever. All I remembered is my parents took me to the hospital, and they gave me tons of antibiotics. the fever gone. and the fart started so unusual… at that time, i don’t know wat happen until one of my classmate has this, too. the doctors seem did the same things to her because I saw same problems came.
Three years ago, it was a long story… of course, in theoretically, antibiotics must be prescription-only. however, in my country, they are not really strict on this. especially, the easterner medicine they don’t really need prescription. in my case, i came to the doctors and they gave me medicines. but I was lost my mind and go to many of them. took a lot of antibiotics at the same time. (included dangerous stuff like corticoid)

Hmmm it sounds like you have leaky gut which could be linked to Candida. Lisa Richards claims the ‘spit test’ to be unreliable, so I wouldn’t be going off that. I am not sure why you are getting those symptoms with the oils, they are supposed to pretty good for fighting Candida. What is your diet like?

At first, my diet was included vegetables and some fats & eggs. brown rice. stevia. salt. ginger. not quite a lot.. hmm. later, when the die-off seems down I added some beef, fishes.