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Raw Garlic (Garlic also contains antibiotic properties and should probably be discontinued less than a month into the treatment. The main purpose for it in the protocol is to kill Candida during the first few weeks.)

I’ve been confused about garlic, since I’ve read that it’s both antibiotic and probiotic, as you mention above. Should we avoid it completely after the first month, then? Since I’m not taking any antifungal pills, I’ve been counting garlic as an antifungal along with coconut oil, rutabaga, and brussels sprouts (thought I’ve been eating it cooked rather than raw lately…I’m a massage therapist and I can’t breathe garlic on my clients). Is this incorrect at this point in the treatment? I’m on day 75-ish. I’ve been upping my probiotics, drinking kefir, eating tons of sauerkraut and kim chi, and eating prebiotics (to feed my puppy). Garlic has so many general health benefits that it never occurred to me that it could hinder me :