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WilliamHolst wrote: Thank you I ordered molybdenum amino acid chelate. I am currently taking candidastat as my anti fungal, and am taking HMF forte as my probiotic supplement. I was wondering when will i start to notice some improvements does it take weeks, months? Thanks again.

William, the Candidastat seems to be a medium-strength antifungal according to the ingredients. Also you can usually tell the strength of an antifungal by the price to be quite honest, this was my personal experience. For example, oil of oregano is one of the most powerful antifungals you can find, and a one ounce bottle of this oil costs around 30-35 American dollars on Amazon. Whereas, again on Amazon, a 120-count bottle of Candidastat containing various antifungals, minerals, and vitamins is only 19-21 dollars. Other antifungal supplements are discussed on the protocol link.

As far as when you might start to see some positive changes is concerned; speaking of your die-off symptoms, this should be within a few days after you start the Molybdenum. Hopefully you’ll feel more like you did before starting your treatment within that time – I’m stating this because you stated that you had been getting much worse since you started the treatment, and you really shouldn’t be if you’re taking a supplement to control the die-off, which apparently you are not.
If you want to cut back on the horrible die-off symptoms, it wouldn’t hurt to leave the Candidastat out of your treatment until you have the Molybdenum. You could remain on the diet to prevent the infestation from getting worse, and you may still have some mild die-off, but hopefully not as severe as you are at this time. To learn more about the die-off symptoms and the potential dangers, read the following post.

The probiotic is actually a good one, but I would purchase a different brand next time. In other words, rotate the probiotics you use in order to obtain different strains of beneficial bacteria.

As far as the Candida symptoms fading is concerned, this all depends on your individual case, such as how long you’ve suffered from Candida, how extensive the infestation is, and how severe the symptoms are. It also depends on any side effect symptoms, such as leaky gut syndrome which can take a while to treat.

A lot of people on the forum are willing and able to answer your questions for you, so go ahead and ask any question at any time.