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WilliamHolst wrote: Ever since i started all my symptoms have been getting much worse is this normal for the first couple of weeks its almost unbearable. And when should i expect to see improvement instead of just getting worse.. thanks.

If you can, go to your closest health or vitamin store first thing in the morning and ask for the following supplement;
“Molybdenum amino acid chelate” … this should be in a pill form at a dosage of 250 msg per pill. Remember, the information on the label “must” read “amino acid chelate” – otherwise you’re just wasting your money.

What you’re experiencing now is called “die-off” caused by the poisonous toxins that the dying Candida expel, and Molybdenum will help this tremendously. Quite unbelievable that your doctor didn’t warn you about this or give you something for it.

Meanwhile, read the following post and let us know which antifungals and which probiotic you are taking.

Let us know if you have other questions.