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It’s possible that you have a problem with intestinal flora, most likely candida. Most of the stuff you describe can be candida. On the other hand you can’t really know for sure.

My suggestion is that you read the protocol people here are following ( and other relevant posts ( and give it a try.

If what you did experience after cutting off milk and sugar is die-off you want to do it right and protect your body from harm. Also, doing just that will not make you better. You should cut off candida’s food supply (there is sugar or stuff that feed it in many foods you are probably not aware of), try to reduce it’s number initially with some antifungals and, most importantly, replace the good bacteria with some quality probiotics. The information I posted above should give you instructions on how to do this and you should try and follow it as closely as you can.

If candida truly is your problem, you should feel better in a matter of few months as many of us did. Now, the healing process may last much longer after you do fix the symptoms as restoring your flora and rebuilding immune system takes time. Unfortunately, nobody can tell you how long it will take as we all have a different degree of infestation and immune suppression.

Most likely you will never be able to go back to your old diet (not sure what it was but most of us didn’t eat right to begin with which mostly does cause this disorder), but if you maintain a healthy lifestyle you should be fine. Several members are working out during treatment but I think that body building per se will not be possible in the same way until you are done with your treatment and be able to go through the phases.

If you want some motivation, here is a good post to read about some success stories: There are few people who are healed and others that are very close or leading healthy fulfilling lives.

In the end it’s up to you and how closely you follow it and how often you stray from the treatment. And also, for some of us there is money issues, or being stuck in a third world country (such as myself) where most of the stuff is not available. It doesn’t matter, for me it just takes longer to heal than for others. But if you set your expectations right at the beginning, you should be fine. I just wanted to feel better first, and when I did I was able to concentrate on complete healing as a goal. Feeling ill and depressed is not good so first kick that out of the way and then work on a long term solution.

This is a long journey, will be tough, but do your research and decide if you want to do it or not. I hope you do as I do believe it can help you. Healthy diet and immune system restoration can’t hurt nobody.

One thing that I would like to warn you about is to not start the treatment before getting supplements to protect your liver (such as molybdenum amino acid chelate, milk thistle etc.) from all the toxins that candida releases while living or when it dies. Many of us tried to do it without it and I don’t recommend it.

Good luck and let us know if you still have questions after doing all this reading.