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Sometimes, I feel that I am malnutritioned as I feel like pass out being on this diet for months. Lately, I noticed that eating profs in start affecting me, I start having pins and needles in my face and hands so why I reduced protein. I noticed that fish does not affect as bad as chicken does.

You should probably try to add more fish if possible, especially since you’re avoiding basically all carbs.

I tried coconut flour and it gives me very bad cramps and pain in my stomach. The same with Virgin coconut oil as I can’t digest fats.

Have you tried one half of a teaspoon of coconut oil? If you can’t do this, try one fourth.

Meanwhile, start using the coconut oil the same way you use lotion. Rub it into your legs, arms, shoulders, stomach area, and the tops of your feet thoroughly every day. The oil will be absorbed into your skin and therefore your bloodstream. the oil is very important to the treatment.

I am taking Innate probiotic 100 billion a day. Previously I took megaflora,nubt it was shipped without ice.

Start taking 3 of the probiotics which should be 150 billion a day. Along with coconut oil, this is basically the supplements you need to depend on for treating the infestation. Please send me a private message after you’ve done this for about 10 days so that I’ll be sure and read it, I may not see the message if it’s on the forum.

Also is golden seal good to take? I think I have read that it is not good to take when you have leaky gut syndrome.

You shouldn’t take golden seal at all.

My tongue is still whitish. Long time ago it used to be pink, I remember

Try doing the oil pulling therapy with coconut oil, of course you’re not supposed to swallow the oil when doing this.
Oil-Pulling for Oral Thrush

Should I try oil of thyme?

All this will do is add another antifungal which is even less effective than oil of oregano, and antifungals are not the answer right now.