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My only other thoughts on this is to consider trying a holistic approach with healing, where you address healing specific organs. This typically involves consulting a naturopath and spending a bunch of money. For me, the process involved healing my liver, galbladder, colon, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, and more all at the same time. After doing this for about a year, I am up to $300 in supplements every 2 months or so. Its become quite ridiculous, but it is working ever so slowly.

The standard process vitamins are the main way to do this and contain ingredients from specific animal organs and other natural food sources (and its expensive). A second way to do this is to do acupuncture which re-harmonizes the body and heals it as well. Acupuncture has been a huge in my treatment and is typically expensive. It helps detox the body and is one of my foundations. I highly recommend it.

If you check out the vitamins link, there are some basic ones that can really boost your immune system. For instance, I recently tried out vitamin E, vitamin K, and biotin and noticed a positive improvement immediately. Trace minerals are also essential such as iodine, magnesium, zinc, potassium, etc. Vitamins are much cheaper than the expensive standard process supplements I take that I mentioned earlier.

There are other minor tweaks you can do such as making homemade kefir or greek yogurt or trying out coconut oil. Also detoxing via sweating is very effective treatment for healing and recovering from ailments. Miracle fiber aka inulin could greatly help heal leaky gut. You might also consider a juice fast which will give your digestive system a rest it sorely needs.

I don’t see many prebiotic foods in your posts and these might be beneficial as well. Oat bran, buckwheat, teff, rice bran, artichokes, etc. are all examples. Veggies work too, but the ones I mentioned above have been effective.

The pumpkin may bring more benefit than detriment because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Same with blueberries which contain about 8g of sugar per 15 blueberries. Both of these have been apart of my diet and help me greatly.