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why should I take probiotics while I still haven’t done the antifungals yet?

You’re taking two very strong antifungals now and you don’t need to add more because that would only make your die-off symptoms worse;
I don’t think that’s what you want or need. In your first post in this thread you wrote, “12 teaspoons+ of coconut oil and I just slowly got to 6 SF722.” Both of these are very capable of killing Candida and that’s what they’re doing.

Most of the antifungals will destroy the beneficial bacteria, but you picked two excellent antifungals because these are not destroying your beneficial bacteria, or the “good guys” as you wrote.

If I take a probiotic I am encouraging the good organisms in my gut, right?

No, not exactly. Probiotics actually contain beneficial bacteria, so what you are doing is adding to the population of your ‘good guys.’

The bad guys are not fed by probiotics, right?

No they’re not, and neither are the good guys. You’re talking about “prebiotics” not probiotics. Notice the difference in spelling.
“Prebiotics” feed the good bacteria.

The antifungals kill the bad guys and the good guys too?

Most of them do, but not the ones you’re taking.

So I have to get rid of the bad guys before I start working on getting the good guys to multiply.

Not necessarily, it’s more beneficial all around if, after a few weeks of being on the diet you can do both at the same time, which is what you’ve chosen to do by using coconut oil and SF722 because neither of these will kill the ‘good guys’ but coconut oil will actually benefit them by improving the environment of the intestines for their survival.

Since you’ve already added sauerkraut to your diet and you have homemade kefir available now, I think you should try to continue increasing the amounts of these because it’s going to benefit you much more than adding additional antifungals would. Both kefir and sauerkraut can destroy Candida because they cause an acidic environment in the intestines, so in this manner, they act as an antifungal.

Let me know if you have other questions.