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Hello yi,

I will answer as much as I know based on my experience with enemas. I have only performed about 30 enemas on myself back when my IBS was terrible and I had not considered the protocol yet. Also, the information I found may be incorrect/different for your circumstances/etc.

1. I started out with plain water and went into coffee enemas and probiotic enemas after I had more control over my rectal muscles.

2. I have read contradicting information for this question: some say to take in a “good” amount of liquid and hold that in for 10-15 minutes (which is difficult. 5 is challenging). Other sources say that you should perform several high-volume enemas in a row until the expelled water comes out as clear as it went in. It took me 3 high-volume enemas to accomplish clearer water. I do not know what to think about either of these instructions. I stopped performing enemas because I also read that they can prevent your muscles from performing properly during routine bowel movements.

3. I have an enema kit shown here that I could place on a low counter top in the bathroom while I laid on a towel.

4. The frequency depends on your condition. I think the Gerson Enema book requires several coffee enemas a day for terminally ill cancer patients. However, for a candida sufferer you may find relief with infrequent enemas and a diet that suits bowel health. I only performed 1 enema ever two or three weeks and was eating lots of foods that caused intestinal discomfort.

5. Lets see… lube up the plastic piece that you insert in your rectum with some vitamin E or something; this will aid insertion. When you first insert the plastic piece relax EVERYTHING. Listen to music or read a book. SET A TIMER to see how long you have held the liquid in; it always seems longer than it is. Have a wet paper towel near by especially if you’re grossed out by the process. Use luke-warm water; cold water is uncomfortable and hot water is painful. I always take a shower after and feel amazing inside and out!