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It’s all about mental preparation. The easiest way is to completely accept that you are going to do this. Go into it prepared. Have some premeditated strategies keeping yourself busy and occupied so food doesn’t become your main focus. Use taste enhancements; sea salt/black pepper/lemon. Get your protein from chia seeds, I start my morning with 1 tablespoon in a tall glass of water, it really does help. Are you doing the cleanse? Even if you are cleansing there’s a less strenuous version where you can eat eggs. You can also have eggs when you start the diet, so that would be another source of protein. Read “a proper and safe cleanse” and the “strict diet” (from able only) for more abut eggs. But above all, give yourself time to mentally accept that you are going to do this and the reality of it will come more naturally, that’s what worked for me.