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mrs.candida;36676 wrote: Hello,

I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations. I don’t have the answers, I wish I did, because something similar happened to me a decade ago and I believe it was the start of my Candida.

I had persistent yeast infections, and I went to about 13 different doctors. Every single doctor said I didn’t have a yeast infection, that my test looked good.

Makes me wonder if the yeast/thrush isn’t showing up on the test for a reason related to candida.

anyone else have a similar story?

In the mean time you should consider going on the diet & protocol to see if it clears up your thrush.

Thats what bothers me the most, i havent been offered any kind of test to confirm wether or not its thrush, The girl i was with however has been tested and is now on treatment and a liquid diet after her first lot of treatment failed to improve the situation!! Shes being monitored every week to make sure its clearing and i have had NOTHING, i was checked for stds and thats it, i was given fluconazole after explaining the girl i was with was diagnosed with thrush and i was simple told “if this dont work, you dont have thrush”

Thanks for your input btw