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Raster, that is what I have been taking, the forte. I told him that I wasn’t sure if it was the fos in the forte or not. I’ll ask him on my phone consult next Thursday. Last time, he told me, on people like me, he doesn’t even start probiotics at first, my sensitive system till we kill some more fungi. He even said for now, it is fine to take that lower dose renew life probiotic to feel comfortable here, if things get too much. Also, the doc said that we will get there eventually to take the hmf and sf722.

well, the phytostan, I have woke up some mornings with some great bowel movements, and I know I need improvement in that area. Even though I don’t have a colon, I do have problems either getting things out. Sometimes, I just get lots of pressure at the bottom, but nothing comes out, just gas. Sometimes, yes, it does rumble too much in the afternoon when I know there is not much there yet. Like you said, I could be just killing bugs, etc. here at first. I know there is a reason for all his changes in me. Just hit a rough spot yesterday.

But, I’ll just to continue to monitor how I feel day to day, take things as tolerated. Still tanning to help with toxins at the end of the day. It is the best detoxing tool ever, sweating!!!