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brownhair;35013 wrote: Hi Maga,

I personally think everyone should plan on waiting to do the cleanse until adept at preparing meals with the strict diet and have all varieties of the teas, etc available. I didn’t & thought it would be easy since I already ate extremely healthy. After 2 weeks on the strict diet, I am starving and very, very cranky at not having all the different approved flours, oils & recipies at my fingertips to make meals easy. I also kept messing up and accidentally eating foods/milks not allowed. It’s been so frustrating that I am going to add some foods I miss and start from scratch by slowly ordering the ingredients necessary and making cards of dishes I can eat on the diet. Once that’s done, then I am going back and starting over. My sanity is gone and I think this is best for me. I hope you don’t go crazy too. I’m also down to 100 lbs and I miss my buttocks and pizza terribly!!! Good luck!!!

Don’t give up! Everyone is cranky and hungry at first. That goes away after awhile, it took me about two weeks before it started to go away. It’s die-off and your body readjusting. The candida are mad because you’re not feeding them anymore, you know, so because they are hungry, you are hungry. Are you taking molybdenum and milk thistle?

Also, what special ingredient are you having trouble finding? I only use a few and they aren’t necessary (like coconut flour). You should be able to find coconut oil, I think, buckwheat flour, that sort of thing. I’m a little spoiled because I live in the heart of hippie/hipster country (Portland, OR) where every store has an organic section, but the majority of my diet is plain veggies with herbs and spices and organic eggs. I don’t like to cook, and the fanciest I get is curry, but that’s not too exotic. Most groceries I think would carry curry powder, turmeric, that sort of thing. It’s all about figuring out what works for you…you just have to get through the sucky first few weeks!

You can message me if you want more suggestions for simple meals.