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Hello, yes I currently have that problem. It is candida related (all the other vaginal related infections stem from candida).

I am on the strict diet which is helping the external manifestations of the infection (fungus on toes and vaginal itchiness/discharge and discomfort during sex).

Here is what I am doing for the vaginal area:

Am/Pm Boric Acid suppositories
I make by mixing a little bit of coconut oil with the Boric Acid (powder), putting it in the freezer, then inserting it in. Sometimes the oil leaks out later on so I wear a panty liner. This is only for 12 days.

I got this remedy from Dr. Mercola’s site.

** Do not have sex until ALL the Borix Acid leaks out of you. The powder is more like course salt, and when I had intercourse after inserting it, it felt like I was being filed down on the inside! Or to be safe just wait 12 days.

Am/PmGarlic Clove
I cut little groves in the clove and just stick it up there. Some people tie a string to it so they can fetch it out. But I have never had any difficulty doing so. Again, panty liner with this. (this can be done on days when you don’t use boric acid).

Probiotic Suppositories
After I finish with the above treatments (when my symptoms are gone) I plan on using these until I run out. I have about 10 days worth.