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Painful sex is one of the symptoms of cervical dysplasia, where Candida has played its part in causing unresolved inflammation. It would be good to get a checkup. I read where Dr. Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, said Cancer is fungal based, as its white. He treats any reachable cancer with bicarb of soda- such as douching for cervical cancer, IV into the Prostate (men and women can pass Candida back and forth and make both have UTI’s-I know personally… etc.), bathing a breast cancer tumor w/ a little slit, (6 treatments gave pink, healthy tissue back) … You can search it on YouTube. In my research, I also learned the DNA of Candida is cancer.

I had endocervical cancer in 2004, with squamous cells involved, and adenocarcinoma. I had a polyp that used to bleed a little during pregnancy sometimes, that ‘rarely’ became cancerous. Mine filled with blood and hemorrhaged during sex. Since the pap smear 1.5 years earlier was normal, (as was a uterine biopsy as I was having strange bouts of fatigue and pelvic pain) had this not happened, I would have not seen a doctor, and just assumed that since I was nearing 50, I was having perimenopausal symptoms like my OB/GYN told me. She said the uterus was just not shedding the lining totally. Irregular bleeding and a closed cervix is also a sign of cervical cancer. The epithelial cells are just irritated and swollen.

A predictor of epithelial cancer is being low in betacarotene especially, (think juicing organic carrots), zinc, b vitamins, etc. 90% of the immune is made of protein, and many don’t get enough. 90% of disease is said to start in the colon, so eating veggies and fiber and keeping the colon clean with enemas is helpful. Dr. Gonzalez is famous for taking people with pancreatic cancer, and directing them to use coffee (think organic coffee) enemas, and having great results. You can research Alotek, who uses aloe vera orally and inserted vaginally to heal the cervical tissues, and allow the body to recognize the virus’s responsible. Smokers don’t have as good of results, as their immune system is already taxed. Studies show alcohol, even a little, can cause breast cancer in some women. Dr. Revici, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Lorraine Day, all have been pioneers in natural medicine and solutions. The internet is full of answers. Also, if you’re on any medications, look at, for real results and ratings and side effects you want to know about.

I didn’t know about Candida, but I have since learned how to get the numbers down and the gut flora balanced by juicing, diet, supplements,probiotics, etc. I would have also douched with baking soda, which I did in the year or two after my radical hysterectomy (to debulk the cancer), as fungus doesn’t grow in alkaline environments. 2-3 times I’ve felt some kind of pain, and just douched, and it went away. I also rubbed baking soda into a basal cell carcinoma (dermatologist diagnosed) until it dried up and went away.

Topical treatments don’t address the Ph and Candida inside the intestinal tract, and bloodstream. My Candida obviously had gone into the fungal form, into my blood and infected my sinus’s, as I had recurrent sinus infections, triggered by cigarette smoke. Eventually, at age 49, I had my tonsils out, because of recurrent infections not helped by antibiotics. Netti pots (sp)w/ a pinch of salt and baking soda in warm, filtered water help to bathe out toxins and neutralize Candida in the nasal passages and sinus’s. Smokers have toxic chemicals on their fingers, which act like nicotine patches, or a direct shot into the cervix, and cervical cancer in women became epidemic. These toxins are found in the cervix. Besides HPV, this is a problem not talked about.
Personally, I would never get a Gardasil shot, as it’s fraudulent, toxic, doesn’t cover all virus strains, and can cause Ovarian cancer, sterility and horrible illness. Check out YouTube and the web.

Steroids (hormones are growth promotors-think in the milk and meat, birth control, in anesthetics, etc.), antibiotics, radiation, toxic cleaning products, chemo, medications, (deplete your nutrients), vaccines w/ toxic ingredients, virus’s and foreign proteins, all compromise or shut down the immune system, acidify the body and encourage the growth and development of Candida. Those with Candida and Cancer also usually have parasites, which deplete nutrition and cause unresolved inflammation with their toxic waste products.

Exercise-increased oxygen, sunshine for Vitamin D, a diet low or (none for a while) in sugars and carbs, juicing-carrots are anti-fungal, as is coconut oil, wheat grass is a detoxifier, oil of oregano, probiotics (critical), folic acid -should be coated on the natural vitamin to be utilized in the stomach -keeps the Candida from morphing into the fungal stage which sends out roots through the intestinal walls which pass proteins into the body causing auto-immune responses like celiac, ibs, etc., grapefruit seed extract, lemon or lime squeezed into your morning water for a mild cleanse which also alkalinizes, a pinch of no-chemicals used during manufacturing baking soda in your morning water will shock any fungus or cancer cells in the liver, etc., helps a LOT. These are weapons in your arsenal. Garlic, Vitamin C, zinc, betacarotene are all important. Decrease or eliminate as much STRESS as you can, as cortisol also causes Ph and other problems.

Dr. Sandra Bevacqua, a microbiologist, teaches doctors about nutrition, Ph, etc. to help w/ cancer patients.She said MD’s are trained that Ph is not an issue, and in the lab and surgery, she proved it was.
I rubbed baking soda (Bob’s Red Mill doesn’t use chemicals in processing theirs, like Arm and Hammer) on my basal cell carcinoma on my forehead, and it dried up and disappeared.

Natural anti-biotics: Goldenseal-1/4 tsp powder, and 1 tsp. each Astragalus(sp?) Licorice Root to cleanse the liver and Echinacea root. You can put these 4 in a tea ball. Add Stevia or a bit of honey.

Marshmallow root made into a tea takes away the PAIN of a UTI. In the US, there was a product called Cystex, which had an analgesic for the pain and ascorbic acid? to knock out a UTI if you got to it soon enough. The cranberry property that kept the bacteria (e-coli, etc.) from implanting on the bladder walls, became useless and acidic itself for me, as the Candida went out of control.

I also had recurrent UTI’s after sex. Besides having to wash before- and urinate and wash after, the MD’s wanted me to take an antibiotic after sex. That only sets one up to become sensitized to all the antibiotics, and to have Candida, which causes a change in the Ph and leads to UTI’s. Antibiotics just kill good bacteria and let the Candida grow out of control. I learned that I was set up for Candida at 11 days old, when I got Impetigo, a Candida-caused skin infection you get from Mom at birth. One antibiotic without probiotics sets one up for more Candida and illnesses, more antibiotics, etc. I was a sickly kid, with pneumonia twice, etc. If a kid has thrush, they need probiotics. There’s a product called Citriboost w/ probiotics in it, that I keep in my fridge to swish around. The mucosal membranes can absorb the probiotics, and it treats the body above the stomach. Many probiotics don’t have the number of bacteria they say, and are mostly wiped out in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach. Dr. Mercola and other websites give recipes to make your own fermented veggies.

I hope this helps many people. I certainly didn’t find a wealth of information when I had to make my decisions of whether to have surgery or not, let the Pelvic Oncologist strip my lymph nodes (NOT) have radiation (NOT), and I’ve outlived my oncologist, who passed out Twinkies to his patients. There is a lot of arrogance and ignorance in the medical field. etc. I’m writing about it on my leangreencafe blog, at