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Jackie2 wrote: Mouth around gums is stil sore and back of throat…I’m even gargling with kefir. What to do. I really don’t have any appetite. I just eat a few tablespoons of yogurt, egg in the am, and a salad with eggs in pm and a few more scoops of yogurt. I’m eating about 2 cups of yogurt a day and maybe a cup and a half of kefir a day with one to three eggs…with a salad of some sort. Not hungry and just want my mouth to heal. Any suggestions?

I’m not taking anything other than the vitamins listed here. I have not taken any antifungals because I thought what the Doc gave me would get rid of thrush and I would just stay on diet and make sure it didn’t come back.

I don’t have white spots but I do think the roof of mouth and tongue have maybe a light film on them. What I do have is a slight burning on tongue all the time and sore throat way in the back. That is kind of how the thrush started the first time..but back then I ate soft marshmellows, drank hot chocolate and ate like a fool. Now I’m scared, and won’t eat a thing.

Earlier in the week I ate a huge bowl of broccoli with a whole onion and 6-8 cloves of garlic. But I can hardly get myself to eat anything. Don’t know if it is fear of setbacks or just sick of thinking about what to eat.

House is chock full of fudge, baklava, gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, sugar cookies…the list is endless and I wake up tomorrow and bake Daughter’s birthday cake as her birthday is Dec 24th. And honest to goodness I don’t want a drop of all that stuff it looks like poison to me. So how do I heal myself? Do I need to go to doctor or dentist? They just act like I’m crazy???? Sorry to ramble..maybe I need therapy????

Merry Christmas sister!
Firstly you have to calm down and watch your thoughts. Not all thoughts tell you the truth. If you get thoughts of will I ever be healed etc or what is happening to me, are only thoughts but not the truth. The truth is that you have candida, that the stuff your doctor gives you doesnt help, you noticed too that eating rubbish will make you sick. BUT you know to that there is a way out. Go that way and you will be healed. I dont know what you do or if you have walked for a while now on the path of healing from the inside out. But one thing I know is that you have come to a good path here Able developed.

1. Make up your mind for healing
2. Read everything here about your enemy
3. Dont feed the enemy. Stick to the diet 100 percent and dont you think that a little cookie here and a little chocolade cant harm you. You feed the enemy and the enemy gives you a life quality you dont want anymore.
4. Get yourself very good probiotics and SF722 and follow the protocol outlined here in the forum.
5. do the oil pulling with coconut oil as Able outlined