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impossible;53938 wrote: Stop the SAMe at this point if you’re taking the b-right. If you get to the point where you feel like the pendulum swung too far the other way add some back in, but at a smaller doseage. I doubt you will need to.

Add in some calcium rich vege’s, cant beat the real thing, supplemental forms are poorly absorbed and utilized. Dark leafy greens are an excellent source.

When did it start? Is it constant? Do you have any periods of total relief? How do you do with a flight of stairs?

Okay great I will up the greens. I think its been pretty constant since I came down with the c.diff infection 9-10 months ago. Just absolutely no energy back than and not much breath. I get occasional pains in my heart area too, but its not really bad, just minor. I never really have total relief, but it’s much better if I’m just sitting around and haven’t used much energy lately. It gets worse in stressful situations and after using muscles. One set of stairs would make me a bit tired, but not too terrible.
If i went up and down them 2-3 times I would be winded for the next hour or so and get that feeling again.

The weird thing is before all that I could lift weights pretty much non-stop for a couple hours and still have energy afterwards.

I’ve never heard of that test to be honest, can i get it ordered online or do i go through my MD? What is it? I looked it up and it just said something about testing for cancer/tumors