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I took SSRIs for about year a few years ago, UGH. I totally feel you on the anxiety front, man. What I can tell you is that from my experience (I’m on day 73 I think?), my anxiety has dropped considerably since being on the strict diet and taking some antifungals/molybdenum aac/probiotics/vit c/etc. I had actually started having panic attacks before I found the site, and now I have only had one. i noticed a change almost immediately; within a week or so of starting everything on the strict diet and protocol. The panic attack I had this past week I attributed to some kind of accidental “contamination” of some sort that I think is from some tea I got at Starbucks :p I had some other symptoms that day too.

But to put it in perspective – just before Christmas, I put up the decorations at my old work and it took me an hour because I was sweating and panicking just going up the step ladder…then I started the diet…then I took the decorations down after and it took me 10 minutes…didn’t even think about the height.

Just keep hanging in there! I really recommend anti-fungals (but make sure you protect yourself with molybdenum amino acid chelate – read the protocol for more info)…I rotate between capryllic acid and oil of oregano and just doing coconut oil and other whole food antifungals.